How We Generated 6,436 B2B Leads With Content Marketing


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The Challenge

The Challenge

Our client was suffering from an extremely common affliction – their existing efforts weren’t generating enough leads to fill up their sales pipeline, and the leads that were being generated weren’t being well qualified before being passed to the pre-sales team. They had mostly been using outbound methods of lead generation, such as telemarketing and buying lists, that were getting more and more expensive and less and less effective.

In addition, there was no ongoing engagement of leads – they were generally passed directly to sales if they seemed interested, but the rest of them just went into a database that would get a generic monthly newsletter, without any tracking to determine whether they were engaging with any of the content.

The Solution

The Solution

After in-depth discussion with a number of key stakeholders, we built out a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy for the client. This included:

  • Building robust personas based on customer interviews, front-line staff interviews, analytics data, CRM data and 3rd party research.
  • Developing content based on what we knew the personas were interested in, based on the above research.
  • Promoting the content through a number of different channels that corresponded to areas that the personas did their research in, including Google search, LinkedIn and 3rd party industry content syndication.
  • Ensuring that the site was well set up to promote these lead magnet pieces of content, by adding calls-to-action across the site on key pages, and building best-practice landing pages to drive people to, in order to capture their contact details.
  • Implementing a number of lead nurture programs based on the persona and the solutions they were interested in.
  • Developing a lead scoring program to ensure that engaged and qualified leads were surfaced and followed up by the pre-sales team, whilst leads not yet qualified were continually engaged within the lead nurture content streams we set up.

The Outcome

The Outcome

The results have been fantastic, with the content marketing campaign generating over 6,000 new raw leads via content downloads, which translated into more than 500 new sales qualified leads (above the business-as-usual amount).

The Outcome

Moving from outbound to inbound marketing also reduced the cost per lead from over $300 to under $100. Overall, it was a fundamental paradigm shift for the organisation to move from a traditional outbound marketing model towards one with a best practice inbound marketing model.

About the Client

Our client is an ASX-listed B2B managed hosting and telecommunications company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, and Hobart. It also owns and operates several data centers around Australia.

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